OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Equitable climate expert panel representation, crucial to inclusive climate action

The National Panel of Technical Experts (NPTE) has been vital in guiding the Philippines towards an evidence and science-based, data-driven, and holistic approach in determining climate risks that will inform proposed climate action. As such, Aksyon Klima Pilipinas commends the Climate Change Commission (CCC) for emphasizing inclusivity in its opening call for nominations for the next members of the NPTE. Given the context of the country as an archipelago beset by multiple hazards and complex climate change related-challenges, the Philippines needs expertise that will inform efficient and effective measures designed to address climate risks and avert losses and damages.

In the meanwhile, given their reputable expertise, tremendous track records in their respective fields, and their significant contributions to building a scientific foundation for climate action in the Philippines, we expect that the terms of the current members, whose terms were renewed through Commission Resolution No. 2020-001, will duly end in 2022 – with an option for renewal of their services as deemed relevant respective of the climate risks.

Furthermore, inclusivity must be reflected in numerous aspects upon the eventual reconstitution of the NPTE. This should be accomplished not just through a more equitable representation of regions and sectoral expertise in the various fields of sciences including social sciences and governance. We call on the CCC to ensure that there will be sectoral representation in the NPTE including indigenous peoples, grassroots movements, CSOs, young people, women and local communities who have tremendous knowledge and skills in local climate action as duly recognized by the Paris Agreement, but who, on the other hand, are likely to lack access or opportunities to earn a credible academic reputation. These inclusions are crucial to enhancing existing strategies to steer the nation towards a decarbonized, climate-resilient, and sustainable future.